About Me

Paul Muldawer was an active artist until the age of 13, after which he took his first sabbatical from painting and photography. Fast forward; he received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Florida, and later, while serving in the US Army in Germany, he painted impressions of European cities. Later Paul received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania, studying under world renowned architect Louis Kahn. There his German paintings won first prize at the Penn Annual Art Show. Paul then took a second sabbatical from painting for 50 years in order to fully concentrate on the practice of architecture and town planning. Today, after extensive world travel and exploration, he has resumed his passion for creating art.

"From the eyes of an architect, I endeavor to capture the drama, character, and spirit of great cities. and present them in new forms. I photograph urban experiences in two dimensions, paint from my photographs (photorealism) from which I construct three dimensional kinetic photomontages."